Which early stage business will win the $2000 prize?
Sentient Inception (SI) is a new incubator founded by Dr. Paul Boxer as a way to seek out ideal candidates for angel investment. SI wants to give early stage businesses more opportunities to practice getting their message across.

That’s why we’re giving you the opportunity to hone your pitch with a receptive audience. Win, lose, it doesn’t matter: this experience will move you forward.

If you’re not quite ready to go public, that’s OK too. This is an amazing opportunity to look out for the next great Australian entrepreneur, enjoy a good night of drinks and do some networking. We have 3 types of tickets.

The evening will be MC’d by Jeanette Cheah from HackerExchange who will just be back from a tour of Silicon Valley with a group of eager entreprenuers.

Pitch Competition Entry – $35Register Now
Are you tired of hearing that you are “too early”? Haven’t even gotten that far? Bursting at the seams with a plan to change the world? Buy your ticket now to pitch your business idea in front of a panel of experienced members of the startup community, including Paul Boxer, an Angel Investor who has been there and written the ultimate guide to starting up.

$35 gets you a copy of Boxer and Fein’s “Ready to Launch” and a slot to pitch. At Sentient Inception we believe the process of honing your message only comes with real world practice, so we want to make space for anyone to find out if they are ready to launch.

Liquid courage included in the ticket price.

The winner from the night will get coaching from Sentient Inception mentors to get their pitch investment-ready + $2000 cash prize.

Competition Structure:
All accepted pitch applicants will get 30 seconds to elevator pitch the panel of judges.
If your hook is good enough, you’ll get a chance to do a full 5 minute pitch and a chance at the $2000 prize. NO SLIDES – focus on making a connection with your audience that they will remember. You don’t have to be pitching for money, you could be seeking staff, clients, mentors or co-founders.

5 minute pitch must address: Problem + Product/Solution + Team + Market + Business Model + Traction + Ask

Detailed guidance will be provided upon registration.

Early stage businesses only – recently seed funded or pre-seed.
You must submit a summary of your pitch prior to the event to qualify. Lean Canvas is acceptable.

Please only apply if you are serious about getting a chance to test your message on a live audience. Yes, it is scary, but you can do it!

A group coaching session will be arranged prior to the event to make sure you are prepared.

All industries welcome, but it must be an entreprenuerial idea
No slides, just you and the mic – only one founder, no co-pitches

Winning Prize:
Coaching with Sentient Inception mentors + $2000 cash prize
Feedback will be given privately to each speaker after the event so they can improve for next time.

Audience + Book – $20 Buy Now

Ready to Learn, but not yet ready to pitch? $20 tickets get you a copy of “Ready to Launch” book, plus drinks and nibbles and networking. Come along to see pitches from those who plan to be the next great Australian Entreprenuer and get pumped up to be on stage the next time.

Audience Only – $10Buy Now
In it for the drama of competition? $10 tickets allow you to grab a drink and nibbles and watch the night unfold. Cheer for your favorite founder and judge from the safety of your seat. Copies of the book will be available for purchase on the night, entrance gets you $5 off your copy of “Ready to Launch”.

Dr. Paul Boxer is an Australian serial entrepreneur and founder of the Sentient group of companies. After a decade within GM, Paul left to get his PhD in Artificial Intelligence. The next 15 years saw him found 6 start-up companies successfully developing disruptive technologies. The largest, a multi-national called Sentient Vision Systems, sells market-leading Target Detection software into the international Defence and Search and Rescue markets. Now he’s turning his efforts to helping other entrepreneurs with a similar mindset achieve their goals without making all the same mistakes.