Sentient Inception is a part of the Sentient family of companies founded by Dr. Paul Boxer. We are seeking the leaders of the next disruptive technology companies based in Australia.

Dr. Paul Boxer

Dr Paul Boxer is an Australian serial entrepreneur and founder of the Sentient group of companies. After a decade within GM, Paul left to get his PhD in Artificial Intelligence. The next 15 years saw him found 6 start-up companies successfully developing disruptive technologies. The largest, a multi-national called Sentient Vision Systems, sells market-leading Target Detection software into the international Defence and Search and Rescue markets. Now he’s turning his efforts to helping other entrepreneurs with a similar mindset achieve their goals without making all the same mistakes.

Jennifer Fein

Jennifer Fein is an American product manager and business leader who moved to Australia in 2011. After many years building one of the earliest global digital marketing platforms in New York, Jennifer led a Product Management team in the Asia-Pacific region, launching digital marketing products in China, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.

Jennifer now runs her tech startup: YouLi, a platform for Organisers and Travellers to Gather Globally.