• Mentoring
  • Business administration support (incorporation, contracts, etc)
  • Co-working space
  • Business Plan development
  • Pitch development
  • Digital marketing support (website, email, etc)


Every startup will progress at different rates depending on the founders, whether the market is ready for the idea and how much money is required. So there is no set schedule for success.

With Sentient Inception, we are looking for pre-seed companies that have a disruptive technology business idea. Preferably there is an MVP or at least some asset to assess the viability of the idea. Business experience is not required, Sentient Inception helps commercialise the idea.

Once accepted, founders are invited to incubate at the Sentient group offices in Port Melbourne for a few months. Mentorship and at-cost services are offered to move the idea forward. No equity is taken at this stage.

At the end of the initial incubation period (typically 3 months) Sentient Inception will determine whether to invest directly as an Angel Investor and potentially co-lead if further investment is required. Equity terms are negotiated on a per investment basis but rarely exceed 10% of equity.

If you are ready to stand out and make something the world needs, then it is time to surround yourself with the people and resources to make it happen. As the visionary, you fuel your startup with energy, ideas and expertise. By incubating your company you can see that fuel magnified to go beyond what you can do on your own.